Errol Denton | Live Blood Test Microscopist States The importance of maintaining healthy red blood cells before, during and after pregnancy

Errol Denton states Blood is the most essential substance within our bodies. Without this vital substance we would cease to exist in a heartbeat. It is therefore extremely important to create healthy red blood cells for a good quality existence. Healthy cells are round, separate and organised. They reside freely in their own space in the plasma fluid. This is because when healthy they carry a negative surface charge which allows them to repel each other gently in an alkaline plasma fluid.

Life itself is alkaline by design but acid by function. For conception to occur it has to be in an alkaline environment in the body. It is therefore even more essential to create healthy alkaline red blood cells before during and even after pregnancy. Blood cells recycle themselves every 120 days and go on to build every part of the human body. Every 3 years the body grows a brand new liver, every six years a new skeletal system, new skin cells are formed every few weeks and every 7 years all the cells in the human body have been replaced by the building blocks the red blood cells.

Creating healthy red blood cells is totally dependent on the type of nutrition that one consumes and therefore it is vital to see for oneself the quality of red blood cells that one is producing. Nutritional Live Blood Analysis is a very accurate way in which one can achieve this. It simply involves a tiny pin prick on the finger tip to reveal one’s true health at a cellular level. Phenomenon’s observed are: Cholesterol, yeast, fungus mould, hormonal imbalances, sugar intolerances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies etc.

Errol Denton says with a live blood microscopy session one is given a tailor made nutrition guideline of specific food to eat in order to create healthy red blood cells. Within 12 weeks the body will have made brand new healthy red blood cells which will begin to repair and rebuild the body essentially by using food as a medicine. By creating healthy red blood cells one is improving their chance of conception as well as improving their health.

For healthy growth of a baby during pregnancy it is important that the mother consumes the correct foods, thus creating healthy red blood cells. It is these cells that will transfer their nutrients to the baby. To give a child the best possible healthy start in life the quality of red blood cell production during pregnancy must be near perfect. Everything the mother is consuming the baby will consume via the blood as it is the major transport system between the mother and the baby. It is therefore as essential to create healthy alkaline red blood cells during pregnancy just as it was for conception. It has long since been know that certain nutrients are paramount during pregnancy and lack of these nutrients can be detrimental to the health of the baby. Take folic acid for example it is important for the development of a healthy foetus. The brain and spinal cord can be seriously affected if there is a deficiency during pregnancy and lead to birth defects. It is
a well known fact amongst all pregnant women that folic acid is probably one of the most important elements required. The transport system for this vital nutrient is again the blood.

After pregnancy it is again important to continue creating healthy red blood cells with the Errol Denton live blood test programme™ for the purpose of making the most healthy breast milk for the newborn baby. Research has shown that babies that have been breastfed were less likely to develop the typical degenerative diseases later on in life compared to babies that had not been breastfed.

Breastfeeding is important for helping babies develop a healthy immune system. By breastfeeding a baby a mother is ensuring that the baby begins with healthy good bacteria in the gut. A baby with a good bacteria colony given from the mother’s breast milk is far more likely to be more immune to disease.

Creating healthy red blood cells is not just for pregnancy it is for life. Errol Denton is a live blood analysis specialist in Harley Street focussed primarily on the creation of healthy red blood cells as this is the key to perfect health. He can be contacted on 020 8498 9898 or